No need to get a doctor order to see a physical therapist. Just contact us and we will take it from there.


We want to help you get back to your pre-injury status.
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    Why the SBR way?

    Past experience and continuing education.

    Many patients don’t take into account prior experience or training when they go and see their insurance based physical therapist. Is your therapist a specialist in anything? Do they pride themselves in education and their job? Or are they doing just enough to get by as a therapist? Your results are our passion at SBR. Just like any profession, skill comes with time, education, passion and that’s is what we have at SBR.

    What is the average number of visits patients typically need?

    The number of visits are individualized and customized based on patient findings, needs, wants and desires. In general with long standing problems you will need more visits for optimal performance and results.
    Like a car, you should have your vehicle of mobility checked regularly. So feel free to come in for even “minor” things you think or feel are going on. Or if you want to just improve your function. Or maybe you want a highly efficient motor to move you, then you might want more!

    Do you follow a particular technique?

    A multitude of techniques is often used depending on patient’s needs and therapists seen. This is one area patient and therapist can optimize results, doing the best technique at the right time for results desired.

    Should I bring previous medical records?

    Sure that would be helpful, the more we know the better we can treat you. Knowledge is power for all parties involved in your success.

    Will you be in touch with my doctor and will my doctor be informed about what is going on with my treatment?

    Up to you, if you would like you can feel out a form to disclose your confidential information. Otherwise your information will be confidential with SBR.

    Should I bring anyone with me?

    Totally your decision, are they helpful? Do you want them to benefit too? Of course we welcome chaperones/and or partners at treatment if you wish.

    What should I wear to therapy appointments?

    Comfy clothes is ideal. This might include: shorts, stretch pants, gym shoes. We do have gowns and sheets for examinations. Depending on area of treatment try to dress appropriately. More access to area being treated is usually ideal.

    Can I bring my children?

    Yes. Children are always welcome, keep in mind we have no childcare and your results might be affected if they are distracting. Many times it is optimal to have one on one focus. However we fully understand the need for kids to learn and struggles to find assistance with little ones.

    If here for pelvic exam, what should I do if I have my period?

    Generally there is no need to reschedule unless you have an infection for internal work, however we are trained to work externally and there is always work that can be done in and out of the body.

    Do I need to see a Medical Doctor or have a Doctor’s prescription before seeing therapists at SBR?

    No, physical therapy does not require a doctor’s prescription in many states including Wisconsin. However, some insurance companies require a prescription for payment if you plan to attempt to get re-imbursement through your insurance company.

    Can I see a therapist without a medical diagnosis or major problem?

    YES, we are highly trained in musculoskeletal ailments, exercises, and biomechanics. Most elite athletes have regular work done on themselves just to enhance performance, no medical diagnoses or injuries needed. Maybe you just want to better yourself and your body.

    What if I need to cancel my appointment?

    SBR requires a 24- hour notice by 262 – 204 – 8383. There will be a $60 dollar cancellation fee if SBR is not given 24 hour notice.
    If you do not come to the appointment the charge of the appointment will be the cost of the appointment.

    Are services covered by insurance?

    SBR Therapy and Wellness is not currently participating in any insurance plans.

    How can I pay for physical therapy?

    SBR accepts cash, checks, and credit card. Flexible savings accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) also commonly provide reimbursement for physical therapy services that we offer at SBR.

    Why use your HSA account?

    You can potentially use your HSA (health savings account) towards both traditional and alternative therapies that we offer at SBR

    What are the benefits of doing a cash-based program versus using your insurance?

    1) Access to clinical care: Physical therapist are primary care providers. You do not need to see a physician first. Unless you are going through insurance companies, many insurance companies still want the physician referral.

    2) No / Less Waiting: Often you have to wait 4-6 weeks before getting into your doctor and another 4-6 weeks to see your therapist.

    3) Privacy: Any billing through insurance and the insurance company has access to your notes, your personal health care.

    4) Cost of Care – Know the price and services getting upright. Often when you go into a clinic, you have no idea how much a visit is going to cost. Not at SBR, our prices are listed and you know what you are getting.

    5) Insurance denial of services or limit on services

    7) Keep in mind almost all hospital doctors are required by written and legal contract to stay in network

    8) Total cost of services: If a cash based program gets you better faster and in less time that is also helpful. TIME IS MONEY. HEALTH IS WEALTH!

    9) Insurance most often does not pay for performance enhancement or prevention: at SBR we offer services for both prevention and perfection not just for services governed by your insurance.


    Physical Therapy
    Package of 10 or more 60 minutes…$140 each
    Follow up 60 minutes…$180
    Follow up 45 minutes…$150
    Follow up 30 minutes…$100

    Dry Needling
    Follow up 60 minutes…$180
    Follow up 30 minutes…$100

    Bike Fit and Run Analysis
    Initial Bike fit or Run Analysis 75 minutes…$120
    Follow up Bike fit 45 or Run Analysis minutes…$90

    Craniosacral therapy
    Follow up 45 minutes…$150

    Sports Massage
    Initial …$240
    Follow up 45 minutes…$150
    Follow up 30 minutes…$100

    Personal Training
    Initial…$120 and following
    Package of 5 or more 60 minutes…$65 each

    TEAM Training (Strengthening, stretching, conditioning: sport specific): call for more information/consult

    has the best credentials of any PT I have had work on me

    “Every time I came here, I would notice difference the next day. My flexibility is back, I don’t have that pain or stiffness or discomfort that I had 2 years ago. I am back to where I used to be 30 years ago. I tell everyone I talk to about SBR, it’s a huge difference. I wish I would have came here sooner.”


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